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Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker

If you’re looking to launch a new program this year or start an online business that will help you live life on your own terms, then you should read this jeff walker’s product launch formula review which will reveal all the information everyone seems to be hiding from you.

You want to hear an opinion from someone who actually bought the course, right? 

Well, you came to the right place.

Before telling you all the insider secrets about PLF, let’s start with:

What is Product Launch Formula (PLF)?

Product Launch Formula is a course that teaches you how to use a proven step-by-step system to successfully launch any product or program online and build a profitable business around it.

Besides all the modules I’ll mention in a minute, you also get Walker’s swipe file, case studies, and emails that brought him over $400M in total revenue.

You have to know…

Product Launch Formula isn’t a course that will stop working because of the newest Google update or new policy change on advertising platforms.

 In fact, Jeff Walker created this system twenty years ago and he kept improving it to make sure everyone can fast-track their journey to a successful and profitable launch.

It comes down to different types of launches that you can use no matter your current situation or the struggles you’re facing.

Each one of them will help you bring more customers even before your program/course is released – that’s the power of powerful marketing behind PLF.

If you were wondering if it’ll work for your type of business…

It already helped more than 10,000 students to build hype around their program and have a lucrative launch. No matter the industry, audience, or pricing – the structure behind this course works for everyone.

Now, let me tell you more about the “Top Gun” behind this course…

Who is Jeff Walker and How He Discovered Product Launch Formula?

Jeff Walker is one of “internet veterans”. He started writing a newsletter around stocks for a small group of people back in 1996.

It didn’t take him long to have his own first product launch.

Interesting fact about Jeff is that he managed to sell more than $400M+ worth of programs in the past twenty years. He even sold his .com business for $20 million dollars.

Before you think Jeff was born with some high-level genius marketing skills…

He was a stay-at-home dad who failed in the corporate world and struggled with “making it happen”. He came up with the business idea to start publishing content online and monetizing it after gaining some following.

A few months later, he created his first launch which brought him $1,600. At that time, he felt like he hit a jackpot because he didn’t have a lot of money saved.

After realizing how launches work, he kept tweaking his strategy and as you probably guessed – every new launch brought him more money!

An interesting fact: Jeff’s launch a few years ago made $1M in the first fifty-three minutes!

From a stay-at-home dad to an expert who taught Tony Robbins and Bill Glazer – Jeff decided to share all of his secrets to sell almost anything online.

If you search about him, you’ll see he’s the real deal and many successful entrepreneurs vouch for him.

Let’s talk about why most of you came to this product launch formula review:

What’s inside the Product Launch Formula?

As I purchased access to the course, let me reveal all the insider information you need to know and what you can expect from Jeff’s workshop.

The whole course is divided into modules that focus on a different part of the launch. Each module contains hours of video and content.

Let me tell you more about each module and what you’ll discover:

My advice is to master each module before moving to the next one.

Module #1 “Your Launch Formula” 

In the first module, you’ll discover core principles that make PLF so powerful. You’ll learn more about types of launches, the Sideways Sales Letter, and how to use storytelling and mental triggers in your advantage to always create a successful launch.

Module #2 “Launch Plan”

This module covers everything you need to do before starting to promote your launch. It will show you how to create a simple roadmap to follow and how to identify your avatar and goals. Also, you’ll learn how to create and turn your list from cold to warm quickly.

Module #3 “Pre-Prelaunch” 

This is where you’ll have to take notes as you’ll learn how to identify what your target market wants and how to improve the offer so it builds more hype before the launch. You’ll discover the “Shot Across the Bow” strategy and why it’s an essential part of the Pre-Prelaunch.

Module #4 “Prelaunch Content” 

Creating engaging content before launch is a very important step, but very few people know how to do it properly. In this module, you’ll learn how to craft the content that attracts buyers, and what emails to send to your list to make sure they stay hooked to your offer.

Module #5 “Open Cart”

The previous modules prepared you for your launch and this module is all about when you start taking orders. You’ll learn how to script your sales videos to explode your sales and what to send to your “open cart” mailing list.

Module #6 “Internal and Seed Launch” 

Here Jeff goes a bit more in-depth about Internal and Seed launches. Both of them are different and you’ll know which type of launch you should use, how to plan it, and execute it properly.

Module #7 “Joint Venture Launch” 

This module covers the best launch strategy for scaling it big. You’ll learn how to find valuable partners who will promote your products for you and bring more revenue to your business.

Module #8 “Evergreen Launch” 

This is where you take everything you learned in Internal Launch and put it on autopilot to work for you. This is where you will learn how to make your launch evergreen and why you should use scarcity in your advantage to sell more.

Module #9 “Business Launch Formula” 

This is like a wrap-up of everything and you’ll get a roadmap to build your business with these launches. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to offer multiple products to your list and combine them with different types of launches.

All nine modules are filled with quality content and videos showing you step-by-step what to do and how to do it.

As I want to go a step further and give you even better review, let me tell you a bit more about different types of launches:

– Quick Launch Strategy – If you already have a product, such as an e-commerce store that sells clothes and releases a new batch of products from time to time – this one’s for you. Walker teaches you step by step how to apply this formula in just four days to drastically increase your sales.

– Evergreen Launch – An autopilot way to attract new leads through your sequence and convert them into customers. The scarcity plays a big role in this type of launch, so you’ll discover how to use scarcity in your sales page and emails.

 Joint Venture (JV) Launch – Take advantage of any partnership and let other people promote your product for you and bring more revenue to your business. Once your partners start making commission of your product, you’ll start attracting more partners which builds a big hype in the long-run.

– Seed Launch – This is a great way to start if you don’t have your own product or you’re struggling to make your idea reality. It will save you time while creating your product and the whole process will be fun and easy.

Pros & Cons of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula

Although I’m a big fan of PLF, I have to point out the good and the bad stuff.

Let’s start with the good ones first:


  • Jeff shows you how to do things in practice instead of just talking theory
  • Simple step-by-step process to follow before moving to the next module
  • Live calls where you can ask Jeff whatever you want and fast-track your journey to a successful launch
  • You get all the scripts & email swipes that helped Jeff generate over $400M+
  • The course gets updated each year and you only have to cover a small fee for an upgrade
  • It works in a variety of industries, so you don’t have to worry about your niche


  • It requires an investment of $1997 to start, but the information is a lot more valuable and  easier to apply then from some $5k courses
  • You’ll need to put in the work – with all the information you’ll discover, the whole process should be fun and exciting.

How Can You Know If Product Launch Formula Is A Good Fit For You?

This is a great question!

If you read what I wrote before about the different types of launches in PLF, you don’t need to own any product to have a successful launch.

PLF is successfully used in all industries and countries, so this is just a list who benefit from it:

  • Podcasters or bloggers
  • E-commerce stores
  • Public speakers and business consultants
  • Everyone who wants to build a lucrative online business
  • People who want to work from home and have more time for their loved ones
  • Entrepreneurs who own the product but have a hard time selling it
  • Businesses looking for growth and to increase their revenue.
  • Many many more…

I could name hundreds of different examples, but the whole point is that it works in different industries and countries.

Honestly, it’s for anyone who wants to launch and sell a product/course and build a profitable business around it.

Once you discover the secrets of a successful launch, it’ll be easy for you to scale your revenue in every new launch.

Either you’re going to chase after you really want or you’ll hope it will magically come to you one day.

Is The Product Launch Formula Really Worth It?

From my own experience, I would say it’s worth it.

However, everyone’s goals are different.

Let me ask you this…

If one investment is keeping you away from building a successful online business and having the life you dream about – would you take the risk?

In fact, it isn’t even a big risk. 

Over 10,000 students had successful launches and made more money than they would from their 9-5 job.

At the end of the day – only you can make this decision.

So, if you’re looking to buy product launch formula – go ahead and do it. Once you start watching modules and take notes, you’ll realize how many strategies are easy and yet effective.

Remember that Jeff is an industry veteran and not a youtube guru who’s just trying to make some quick bucks off of you.

The stuff you learn in this course can’t be found on Youtube and it probably can’t be found in any other course.

Jeff Adds More Value With His Amazing Bonuses…

As I’ve been familiar with Jeff’s work for a while, I know he’s a guy who likes to provide as much value as he can.

That’s why he goes in-depth with information in his course and shares all the secrets other industry “experts” are hiding from you.

He included bonuses which almost guarantee you’ll succeed with your first launch:

BONUS #1 “Lead Magnet Crowdsource Call”  

You’ll discover new ideas for lead magnets which will help you have way more opt-ins and build your list a lot faster. A lot of people struggle with coming up with a good lead magnet, so you’ll have a big advantage among your competition.

BONUS #2 “Building Your List During A Launch” 

You’ll learn step-by-step how to build a list using Facebook ads without having to spend a lot. Jeff shares with you his secret Facebook ads strategy to grow your list fast even if you have a limited budget.

BONUS #3 Post-Launch Email Sequence

After you built your list, you’ll discover what kinds of emails to send your list and to your new clients. Using this strategy will help you build a strong relationship with your prospects and customers, so you can promote every new launch to them.

BONUS #4 Secret Swipe File Vault

You get a proven copy of emails, sales pages & videos, so you can use them as a starting copy to generate new ideas and to recognize what works. Some of the sales pages and emails here brought millions of dollars and you can copy them and tweak them to fit your product.

BONUS #5 Promoting Other’s Launches

This bonus will show you step-by-step how to become an affiliate of other people’s products and earn yourself a big commission while not spending any time on creating your own offer.

BONUS #6 Book & Sparta Launch

The Book Launch reveals everything Jeff did to promote his book “Launch” and what key points you can use to have a successful launch with your book. Sparta Launch shows you how to sell very high-ticket courses or small “in-person” workshops via email.

BONUS #7 Winning Your Launch Through Gamification

This bonus is actually created by one of Jeff’s students and he teaches you how to maximize your launch results by turning it into a game. You’ll see from his perspective how PLF taught him marketing secrets.

Product Launch Formula’s 15-Day Money Back Guarantee

Jeff really believes in his PLF, so he gives a 15-day money-back guarantee.

If for whatever reason you didn’t like what you learned in PLF in the first fifteen days, he will return every single penny you invested into the course.

I’ll have to admit…

This is a brave move from Jeff and it eliminates any risk or objection you might have about the PLF.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Know If Product Launch Formula Is The Right Fit For Me?

Product Launch Formula is for everyone who wants to build an online business around product launches and learn how to sell anything online. It works in a variety of industries and has over 10,000+ satisfied students.

Is this any different from Jeff Walker’s book?

Jeff Walker’s PLF contains much more information than his book “Launch”. Everything he wrote in Launch is explained in PLF and it also shows you step-by-step how to have a successful first launch – plus is backed up by real case studies.

How much is the Product Launch Formula?

The value of the course is definitely over $10k, but Jeff made it more accessible to everyone for a one-time investment of $1,997.

What is Included in the Product Launch Formula?

The whole program consists of nine different modules with different types of launch strategies and interviews with industry experts. You get access to all his live calls where he hosts Q&A and helps students on their journey.

How can I know the strategies in this course actually work?

The same strategies have made Jeff Walker over $400M+ from sales and have helped over 10,000+ people who actually bought the course. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a unique industry or if you live in a third world country – it’ll still work.

Do I need a lot of money to use strategies from this course?

Jeff has multiple strategies for both those who want to invest more and for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising. You won’t need a lot of money, but of course, the results are often faster with higher investments.

Does PLF come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, it comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t like the strategies in the course within the first 15 days – you’ll get every single penny. 

Who is the creator of PFL?

The creator of the Product Launch Formula is Jeff Walker. He started with product launches more than 20 years ago and sold over $400M+ worth of products. His work is recognized worldwide and even Forbes wrote an article about him.

Final Words In This Product Launch Formula Review

As I have bought access to this course, I would highly recommend it to you because it teaches you marketing secrets that you’ll hardly see anywhere else.

I’ve bought multiple courses, but this one is definitely the best when it comes to having a successful product launch and repeating the same process to build a recurring online business.

Jeff Walker’s results speak for itself.

You’re the only one that can make a decision to be one step closer to your goals this year. 

Here’s a quote from Tony who was actually coached by Jeff:

Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” —Tony Robbins

Appreciate the time you took to read this review and I hope I’ll hear your experience with PLF.

Get instant access to Product Launch Formula and have your own successful product launch.

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