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Future Coach

Discover the Path to Coaching Mastery in the A.I. era with 
Future Coach by Eben Pagan
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At we have known Eben Pagan as an expert coach, trainer and an innovative entrepreneur for over 15 years. Now as a participant for the Future Coach program, we have experienced firsthand the transformative power of Eben Pagan's coaching techniques and innovative use of AI tools. 

That's why we would love to invite you to join Future Coach and embark on this journey of growth and professional development.

What Is the Future Coach Training Program?

The Future Coach is a comprehensive 6-week live and digital training program expertly crafted by Eben Pagan, a leading figure in the personal development and coaching industry. This program is designed for those who aspire to not only become successful coaches but also to stay at the forefront of the coaching field by integrating cutting-edge AI tools.

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Future-Proof Your Knowledge Business

The coaching industry is on a remarkable rise, and Future Coach is designed to perfectly position you to ride this wave of growth. This is why now is the perfect moment to immerse yourself in learning the art of coaching. By joining the Future Coach program, you'll unlock skills that serve you endlessly, enriching not just your professional endeavors but also your personal growth.

This training program is not just about expanding your career horizons; it's an investment in yourself that ripens over time, granting you the tools to thrive in an evolving world where coaching is not merely a profession, but a way of life. 

This is your chance to step into the future of coaching — a future where your potential is boundless and your impact... immeasurable.
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What you get when you join Future Coach

When you join the Future Coach program, you get access to a treasure trove of resources and training that will equip you to excel in the evolving world of coaching. 

Here's a detailed list of what you will receive:
6-Week Live and Digital Training Program
This comprehensive program includes both live training sessions and digital classes, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace while also benefiting from real-time interaction and guidance.
A.I. Integration in Coaching
Learn how to utilize Artificial Intelligence tools to automate crucial aspects of your coaching practice, from choosing and targeting your niche to acquiring clients and facilitating spectacular client transformations.
Expert Coaching Scripts
Over 25 years’ worth of coaching scripts that Eben Pagan has personally used and perfected are shared. These scripts help coaches know exactly what to say at key moments, from initial consultations to closing coaching packages.
Personalized Coaching Superpower Assessment
A fast, insightful quiz designed to reveal a coach's unique superpowers—combining personality strengths with coaching aptitudes to provide actionable insights for attracting and assisting clients.
Access to the Coach EXPO
A series of interviews and presentations from top-tier coaches who run seven-figure businesses, sharing their most effective strategies for confidence, client acquisition, and client success.
Exclusive Strategies for Client Acquisition
Techniques and methodologies for attracting high-paying coaching clients, including a special focus on leveraging online platforms and AI technologies.
Sales Script Mastery
Learning from the proven sales scripts of leading coaches, you will gain insight into the language and techniques that resonate with prospective clients and convert them into paying customers.
Peer Network and Community Access
You'll join a community of like-minded professionals, which is invaluable for networking, sharing best practices, and continuous learning.
Bonuses and Supplementary Content
Additional resources and bonuses provided to supplement the main training material and to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.
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These components are designed for you to not gain more knowledge but also to provide you with the tools and confidence needed to excel as a coach in this rapidly changing industry. The Future Coach program promises the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and innovative tools and templates to help you carve out a successful career in coaching.

Future Coach - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is the Future Coach program?

The Future Coach program is a comprehensive 6-week live and digital coaching training developed by Eben Pagan. It incorporates traditional coaching techniques with cutting-edge AI tools to prepare coaches for success in the digital age.

Who can benefit from the Future Coach program?

This program is ideal for aspiring and established coaches, professionals who want to maximize their ability to help their clients, and people from all industries who are looking to enhance their coaching skills or integrate coaching into their service offerings. 

Do I need prior coaching experience to join Future Coach?

While prior experience in your industry can be beneficial, it is not required. The program is designed to provide value to both new and seasoned coaches with its wide range of tools, techniques, and strategies.

How will the Future Coach program enhance my coaching business?

  • Proven Techniques: Leverage scripts and strategies developed by Eben over 25 years.
  • Innovative Tools: Learn to integrate AI into your coaching practice for unprecedented efficiency.
  • Expert Insights: Gain wisdom from leading figures with seven-figure coaching businesses.
  • You will also gain strategies for acquiring and retaining clients. 
  • The program teaches you to tap into emerging markets and client demographics, significantly expanding your business potential​​.
  • You'll get access to the Future Coach community of top-tier coaches who are ready to help you navigate the challenges you may face in any phase in your knowledge business. 

How is A.I. integrated into the coaching process?

Future Coach teaches you how to utilize A.I. for various aspects of coaching, from client acquisition to session planning, ensuring that you stay ahead of the technology curve.

Can I manage the program alongside my current job or business?

Yes, Future Coach is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to learn through both live sessions and digital content that you can engage with at your own pace. Busy schedule? No problem, the live sessions will be recorded so you can always watch them later. 

Is there a community or network I can join as part of the program?

Yes, enrolling in the Future Coach program grants you access to an exclusive community of coaches, which is a valuable resource for networking, collaboration, and support.

What if I'm not satisfied with the program?

If you find that you're not satisfied with the program after actively participating in classes and applying the techniques, rest assured, there's a safety net. With Future Coach, Eben Pagan offers an unprecedented 100% Profit Guarantee. If you don't recoup your investment after diligently following the proven methods provided, you're entitled to a full refund of your investment. This 100% money-back guarantee is valid for an entire year! And while it’s there for your peace of mind, it’s noteworthy that no one has ever had to use it. With such a safety measure in place, the only real risk is missing out on the chance to join now when the opportunity is prime. 

How can I sign up for Future Coach?

You can sign up for the Future Coach program by clicking on the following link: Join Future Coach Now. Act now, as enrollment closes on November 9th, 2023.

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